At We Can Scan we understand that the items you entrust to us are priceless and we handle them with the same tender, loving care as you. We specialize in personalized service tailored to your specific needs and there is no extra charge for handling your items whether they're in a carousel or photo album. During the scanning process, we visually inspect each image and correct faded coloring, red-eye, and minor imperfections such as creases, scratches and water stains. All of these services are included in the prices listed below as well as 1 free CD or DVD (Taiyo Yuden brand). We also offer Watershield CDs and DVDs, which have a protective coating that resists water and scratches, and M-disc DVDs, a more permanent storage solution to last 1,000 years. Let us help you get started preserving your precious memories! CALL NOW! 801-857-1039

Media Type Resolution Price
Photos (up to 8x10) 300 dpi $0.39 each
110 & 35mm Slides 3200dpi $0.49/each
110 & 35mm Negatives 3200dpi $0.49/each image
Documents 300 dpi $0.49/each
Scrapbook Pages 400 dpi $0.99/each
Media Type Resolution Price
Photos(up to 8x10) 600 dpi $0.49/each
110 & 35mm Slides 4000 dpi $0.59/each
110 & 35mm Negatives 4000 dpi $0.59/each image
Large Format Negatives 2000 dpi $0.99/each image
Scrapbook Pages 600 dpi $1.19/each
Format Type Price
CD-1st one free Additional copies $4.00/each
DVD-1st one free Additional copies $6.00/each
Watershield CD or DVD Water and scratch resistant $4.00/each
M-disc (DVD) Preserve data for 1,000 years $10.00/each
TIFF files $0.15/scan extra
Transfer Home Movies to DVD $10.00/cassette tape
Transfer Audio Cassettes to CD $10.00/cassette tape

Preserve Your Precious Memories

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