"I'm really happy with the slides that We Can Scan scanned for me. They did a great job and they did it quickly. Thank you" - Stacy

Wedding Day Ancestor's scanned baby photo Scanned photo of Family

"In trying to restore many old negatives, slides and photos, we found a reference listed in the phone book for "We Can Scan", a small local company. To our delight and gratitude, all of the photos that were scanned turned out wonderfully well. They have been placed on disks and will be used as gifts to family members. Angela, the owner, has taken a personal interest in making sure that we were happy with all work done. Their price is fair and they are honest - a duo- compliment given to very lovely people. I recommend them highly." Kaye, Provo, UT

"You are a life saver. I needed 60 slides scanned quickly for a powerpoint program I had to present in less than 2 weeks. Your scan was done within 2 days, and your digital copies of my slides look sharp and are very well done. Powerpoint program went well. In only wish I had given you more to copy, which the powerpoint program could have used. I have hundreds of slides I need to have scanned, a dozen carousel trays, so expect lots more in the near future, a batch at a time. Working with you, meaning We Can Scan, was a professional experience all the way. Biggest thanks." Bill Hartley, retired BYU history professor

"Excellent product! I had several hundred 35mm slides scanned and digitized by We Can Scan. The service is amazing, fast, affordable and WELL WORTH IT! The slides that were damaged, scratched or faded were refined and look like they were taken today! I highly recommend using We Can Scan Photo Scanning Services to preserve memories that will now last a lifetime and beyond!" Matt, Gilbert, AZ

"Angela at We Can Scan digitized some of my old negatives and brought them back to life. I inherited some of my parents' old black and white negatives and wanted to be able to use them. Some of them I had never seen before. She did a fantastic job and was able to do several sizes that I had. I feel like I found some treasures and will have more done at another time. Thank you, Angela." - Pam, Orange Co., CA

"We Can Scan is a treasure! Angela is very professional at her craft and performs her work very carefully. All orders were done in a timely way. I am a landscape artist and have hundreds of 35 mm slides used for my hobby. Angela scanned and corrected problems such as dust and marks on the slides. We Can Scan will continue to be my choice for scanning work and I recommend her to fellow artists who are changing from 35 mm slides to digital photographs." - Dale, Orem, UT

"With We Can Scan's help I was able to hit the jackpot last Christmas. I created a picture DVD from 30-40 year old slides that I distributed throughout the family. Everyone absolutely loved it and they can't wait for 'Volume 2'. (I found some more slides since then!) The family was able to relive and share memories and the DVD has instantly become a family treasure. I highly recommend We Can Scan's slide scanning services. They are fast and trustworthy and the image quality of the scanned slides was superb." - Joerg, Provo, UT

"It was wonderful! We Can Scan scanned cherished handwritten letters from my parents that I have saved over the years, and valuable correspondence between me and a family in Germany who collaborated with me on family history research over a 30 year time span. The quality of the scanned letters was superb and it was a great relief to have it all in one place. I was delighted to be able to shred the originals as well as to have an effective way to share the contents with others." - Norma, Provo, UT

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